Interface Koto

Interface Koto: More about the project


Traditional Koto

Traditional koto performance: More about the project


Mixed Media | Interdisciplinary Art

Composition of Graphic Score, Choreography, Costume Design, and Video Editing: See the score and instruction

Project by Katie Grinnan, performance by Kozue Matsumoto and Eugene Moon at LAMAG and the COLA exhibition.

A project by Katie Grinnan performed by Kozue Matsumoto and Eugene Moon at the Annenberg Theater at the Palm Springs Art Museum as part of DesertX, 2019

Video Art and Prepared and Bowed and Electroacoustic Koto: Behnke | Matsumoto Duo

Improvisation with Voice, Butoh, and Palm Tree: Produced by Clockshop for the Bowtie Project

Metal Band Music Video: About the project

a transdisciplinary work conceived and curated by Chris Ryan Williams: More about the project

Butoh Dance Improvisation Collaboration: More about the project

Improvisational Music for dance: More about the project